Director: Katja Gauriloff

Country: Finland

Year: 2019

Duration: 1.33

Languages: Finnish / subtitles in English

Original name: Baby Jane

Category: ,

The adaptation of Sofi Oksanen’s novel directed by Katja Gauriloff is an original depiction of the power structures in a relationship. It is the story of a delicate girl called Jonna who dances her way from the countryside to Helsinki after graduating from high school, and immediately finds a girlfriend in Piki, a young woman oozing toxic masculinity.

Gauriloff proves her skills as a competent user of the camera and the editing board, when Baby Jane really kicks off with all its psychedelic montages. The film is a powerful zeitgeist portrayal, and it is good for the viewer to remember that the term erotic is typically very misleading for erotic drama as a genre. There is sex on display, but it is not softened with a sanctifying arousal effect. Instead, the sex remains tragic by nature, and the supporting theme is in mental issues.

The main couple – and the yin and yang – of the film are played by much praised Roosa Söderholm and Maria Ylipää. (VM)