Director: Markku Pölönen

Country: Finland

Year: 2000

Duration: 1.43

Languages: Finnish / karaoke subtitles in Finnish

Original name: Badding

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Badding, sensitive, publicity-averting and singing in the language of gods; manager Frans Hilton, looking to profit from him; an audience that always demands more feeling; buddy Ossi from old neighborhoods and the supportive mother in her own little cottage, Paradise.

These characters are the central figures in Badding, written by journalist Heikki Metsämäki and director Markku Pölönen.

It’s a fairy tale of the brightest Finnish pop star of the 1970’s and 80’s. Rauli Somerjoki (1947–1987) was the most unlikely superstar: he wasn’t at all a ladies man or the typical alpha male rocker. He actually found his hit song Fiilaten ja höyläten repulsive and money or fame didn’t ease his tension as he set foot on stage. Not even his nickname – given by friends – described him well, although he chose to hide behind it.

Badding, and the startlingly good leading actor Janne Reinikainen draw a sympathetic and sensitive picture of the artist. A fine performance is given also by Peter Franzén as the easygoing and ambivalent friend whose motives aren’t always clear.

Stars, stars, how I want to get away to you. Stars, stars, you would make it easier for me”, sings the festival crowd while watching the midnight sun, shining through the little holes on the big tent’s roof like stars. (IS)