Director: Pavel Andonov

Country: Finland, United Kingdom

Year: 2022

Duration: 22 min

Languages: Finnish / subtitled in English

Category: , , , ,

Also noticed abroad, Blue Note, Finnish-Bulgarian Pavel Andonov’s graduation film from the London Film School, took home three prizes from the Tampere Film Festival alone and got nominated for the Jussi Award (Finnish Oscars) in the Best Short Film category.

Leena (Alma Pöysti, quite visible in our festival this year) picks up his musician husband Boris (David Kozma) from the hospital, taking him to their idyllic island cabin. They dine, have a sauna and a swim, enjoying the nature and each other, until the morning comes and it’s time to fulfil an agreement.

The narration of Blue Note has been stripped of any unnecessary pathos often encumbering this serious topic. Instead, Oliver Wegmüller’s subtly melancholic jazz score mournfully underlines the pain of letting go. Each of us can imagine how it feels to see a view or a face you love for the very last time. As Lau Nau sings during the end credits: ”We are all called away one day.” Writer-director Andonov has dedicated the film to his own parents.

Liina Härkönen

Blue Note will be screened before My Sailor, My Love by Klaus Härö.