Director: Jarno Lindemark

Country: Finland

Year: 2019

Duration: 0.18

Languages: Finnish / subtitles in English

Original name: Rakkaudella, Matti

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In the short film From Matti with Love (2019), written and directed by Jarno Lindemark, Matti (played by Petteri Pennilä who playes the character of Matias in the TV Mini-Series M/S Romantic) is a divorced Finnish man who is preparing himself for a change in his life. Today he is going to pick up a new life partner with his car from the eastern border.

Matti finds Maša (Rain Tolk) as an attractive but very manly Russian woman. Maša finds the situation confusing, as Maša was told, the driver would be a guy called Jukka not some Matti. Matti assures Maša that Jukka, a pot of fish soup and vodka are waiting at the new home. Maša decides to get in the car as it seems the best option of the very few available. Maša calls her mother to tell her that everything is fine, she is now in Finland, in Imatra. She tells Matti that her mother thinks she is crazy but she can’t stay in Russia as there is nothing there for people like her in Russia. Shortly after her arrival she realises that Finland is no paradise either. But; if you have nothing to lose at least you can be completely honest about yourself. From Matti with Love is a refreshing comedy that invites the viewer to question and re-think prejudices around gender identity and cultural encounters. (MÖ)