Director: Arne Mattsson

Country: Sweden

Year: 1959

Duration: 1.50

Languages: Swedish / subtitled in English

Original name: Ryttare i blått

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Rider in Blue (Ryttare i blått) is the odd one out of Arne Mattsson’s five film series of Folke Mellvig-adaptations: It’s the only one in (spectacularly well-used) CinemaScope, and, more importantly, the lone solo for Kajsa Hillman – the wife of John who’s the centre of attention in the other four works. The latter is due merely to an accident – literally: Karl-Arne Holmsten fell ill shortly before production started, so that he could only appear as John in a few scenes. It might be nasty to say so, but: Good riddance – nobody back then would probably have gotten the idea of putting a woman who’s as intelligent and sharp as she’s beautiful and elegant into the centre of a crime movie.

Instead of wryly observing and occasionally casually helping her hubby, as she did in The Lady in Black (Damen i svart) and Mannequin in Red (Mannekäng i rött), Kajsa does it all on her own here when solves the mystery of the Blue Rider who was shot dead and yet could walk away from the scene of the crime – are we talking about ghosts here, or red herrings, or strange tricks played by the laws of perception? The halls and parks of Strömsholm Palace see a lot of action and laughter before the culprit is brought to justice…! (Olaf Möller)