Director: Marzieh Meshkini

Country: Iran

Year: 2000

Duration: 1.18

Languages: Persian / subtitles in English

Original name: Roozi ke zan shodam

Category: ,

Directed and co-written by Marzieh Meshkini together with her husband Mohsen Makhmalbaf, The Day I Became a Woman (2000) is a drama consisting of the stories and situations of three women of different ages in Iran. A collective theme is the search for personal identity in a socially unjust society.

In the first story of the film (described as Fellinesque), a grandmother tells her nineyear-old granddaughter Havva that from now one there will be certain obligations in life: Havva can no longer play with her best friend because he is a boy, and she must also start wearing a women’s garment called chador outside the home. The policy will take effect at noon. From a child’s perspective, the whole thing is very absurd. In the second story, Ahoo participates in a women’s bicycle race. Her husband rides a horse, trying to make Ahoo quit the race by threatening her with divorce. When Ahoo decides to continue, the husband brings a mullah who grants them divorce.

The protagonist of the third story, Houra, is a widow who has just inherited some property. She decides to buy everything that she has always wanted but has been unable to get while married. In the last scene, these three stories merge. The film has received awards for example at the film festivals of Venice, Toronto and Chicago. (MÖ)