Films for children

Midnight Sun Film Festival offers cinematic experiences for kids and grown-ups alike – naturally from 16 mm film! The small tent serves as children’s film theatre from Wednesday to Saturday. In addition to these screenings, the festival programme includes films suitable for the whole family: a story of a little reindeer and Tolkien’s iconic odyssey – and introduces the classic adventures of ”creative, crime solving Five”.

Arctic Exchange & The Illusionist 12.6. at 13:30 Small tent – free access

Arctic Exchange is based on cinematic friendship between a school in Sodankylä and another school in Scotland. The audience will get a set of short cinematic greetings as examples of this friendship. Scottish youth got to choose one film for the festival programme, and they chose a French animation located in Edinburgh: The Illustionist is based on the original script by Jacques Tati and it tells the story of a friendship between an aging illusionist Tatischeff and young Alice. Directed by Sylvain Chomet (The Triplet of Belleville, 2003) is a charming mix of funny moments and touching nostalgia.

Masterclass for the whole family 15.6. at 11:00 Small tent 4 €

Masterclass for the whole family offers cheery moments and and the alphabets of “the eight art” for the smallest cinefiles –  as well as for the grown ups. Including the Chinese, marvellously beautiful Deer Bell, Donald Duck and his nephews in Dick Lundy’s animated films and the Polish masters of animated films, Alfred Ledwig, Jósef Cwertina – and Miklós Kálm’s funny and reckless work. The icing on the cake is the fact that all films are screened from 16 mm film.

Krtek the Mole 13.6. at 12:30 & 14.6. at 11:00 Small tent 4 €

The masterful Czech illustrator and the maker of animated films, Zdeněk Miller, is most beloved for his character Krtek the Mole. These seven classics were made between the years 1963–1970. Screening is suitable for the whole family and runs for 62 minutes.

Creative, crime solving Five: Five and spy Fri 14.6. at 16:00 Small tent 4 €, Five in trouble Sat 15.6. at 16:15  Small tent 4 €

Enid Blyton (1897–1968) created the books about crime solving and creative Five – and started a phenomenon. Danish director Katrine Hedman made a marvelous, rarely seen film based on the books at the end of 1960s. Join Leo, Diddi, Anne, Paul and Tim the dog and follow the tracks from the summer house!

Ailo’s journey 16.6. at 10:30 Big Tent, 9 €

The breathtaking scenery of Lapland and variety of wild animals: Ailo is a baby reindeer that takes us on an adventure like none other! There’s no cgi or human actors involved, everything’s made with real animals. French director Guillaume Maidatchevskyn and the team have worked together with the Finnish co-production company Matila Röhr Productions known for their striking nature documentaries The Tale of a Forest (2012) and Tale of a Lake (2016). But the first Finn the French crew contaced was the Finnish animal trainer Tuire Kaimio, whose 30-year experience was the key to making of Ailo’s journey.

Make sense of Tolkien: The Lord of the Rings 16.6. at 14:45 Big Tent 9 €

Decades before Peter Jackson started his journey to Middle-earth Ralph Bakshi created his own, animated interpretation of The Lord of the Rings using rotoscpoing, a technique in which scenes are first shot in live-action, then traced onto animation cels. At times unintentionally comic film pays respect for the charming world created by J. R. R. Tolkien, familiar for audiences all over the world.