Director: Maria Sid

Country: Finland

Year: 2023

Duration: 76 min

Languages: Finnish / subtitled in English

Original name: Risto Räppääjä ja villi kone

Category: , ,

Summer is coming along, and Risto would like to go for a swim, but his best friend Nelli is only interested in pop star Ville Pyry. With nothing to do, a console borrowed from neighbour Lennart gets Risto hooked, and he gets stuck in his room behind a closed door. First, Aunt Rauha believes that Risto is writing poetry, but doubts about what the boy is doing soon start growing. Hijinks cannot be avoided, as the console proves to be hard to resist for anyone that gets their hands on the controller.

Coming on to part nine, the family favourite series Ricky Rapper turns its playful gaze on the theme of game addiction. Maria Sid’s second directorial effort after the previous film in the series, Ricky Rapper and the Wrong Vincent (2020) is a colourful and summery depiction of the new adventures of Tiina and Sinikka Nopola’s beloved characters. As always, the film has its fair share of uproarious musical numbers. The music is composed by Iiro Rantala, by now on his sixth Ricky Rapper film.

Inari Ylinen