The schedule has now been released.


  • Single ticket: 9 €
  • 12-ticket package: 90 €
  • Friday’s silent film 25 €
  • Saturday’s silent film 20 €


Tickets can be reserved in advance, starting on June 3th at 3PM and ending on June 9th at 4PM. Please notice that there’s a limited amount of tickets available for presale. Preserve the tickets of your choice by calling: + 358 41 710 0461, + 358 44 913 3913, +358 41 710 0461 & +358 44 913 3913.

Advance booking open:

Monday June 3th from 3PM to 9PM

Tuesday June 4th – Friday June 7th from 12 noon to 8PM

Saturday June 8th – Sunday June 9th from 12 noon to 4PM

You can reserve tickets to screening at Lapinsuu Theatre, Kitinen School and Big Tent. Cinema Kitinen tickets cannot be booked in advance. Reserved tickets can be collected from Kitinen School ticket office (aka Main ticket office) starting from Wed June 12th at 10AM. Tickets must be collected one hour before the reserved screening at the latest. Reserved tickets collecting booths are open until 9PM during the festival.

PLEASE NOTE: The prebooking of the opening screening, The Constant Gardener is filled (the quota of 30%) and rest of the tickets will come on sale on Wednesday the 12th June at 10AM.


Midnight Sun Film Festival introduces a new electric ticket sales system. With this new practice, we try to give you a more pleasant purchase experience and reduce queuing. While we probably won’t be able to get rid of all queues, we can make your ticket purchase much more fluent as well as quicker.

We have renewed our ticket sales methods:

– There are eight (8) ticket booths around school yard area. You are able to buy tickets to all venues from one ticket office at the same time.

We have also introduced “quick ticket booths”:

– If you want to buy tickets for next screening only, there are “quick ticket booths” for that purpose in yard area.

– You can also pay your purchases with credit and debit cards as well as cash.



During the festival, ticket sales will open on Wednesday at 10AM and on every other day, starting from 9AM. Ticket sales will be open until the last screening of every day. It is possible to buy tickets for every venue and every festival day from any of the places selling tickets excluding Lapinsuu cinema, where tickets are only sold for Lapinsuu’s own screenings.

Tickets for silent films can be bought from the ticket outlets around the school area. Only a limited amount of advance tickets will be sold for silent film screenings.

Tickets will not be sold for free-of-charge events such as morning discussions. Seats will be filled in arrival order.

Festival preserves a right for any changes in the program.