The Midnight Sun Film Festival is celebrating its 32nd edition in 2017! Exact festival dates are 15th to 18th of June.

Please notice that all voluntary workers have to be present from Tue 13th to Mon 20th of June 2016, as everyone takes part in building and closing the festival. Application deadline for our international volunteers is set on the 9th of April.

For the first timers:
Our meaning is to provide of a high level, spontaneous and first of all pleasant and rewarding festival. Working with us needs in some cases 110% performance mentally as well as physically.

The festival will provide food and accommodation for all the voluntary workers. Furthermore there is possibility to see films for free during your free time.

PLEASE NOTE if you do not speak any Finnish you will automatically be located to our “international cleaning team”, which takes care of the general maintenance of the festival area. Don’t worry, the work will be very comfortable and you will have plenty of free time to enjoy the festival itself.

With any further inquiries please write to staff@msfilmfestival.fi.

We begin processing the applications in April 2017.