Festival Club

Crown your festival evenings at the beloved Festival Club of the Midnight Sun Film Festival! The club operates in the festival area (Vasantie 11) in Martti Suosalo’s beautiful circus tent. Tickets to the Festival Club are sold in box offices during the festival.

Wednesday June 12 – tickets 5 €

10:00 pm Mara Balls

The solo concert of Mara Balls, who just released her fourth studio album Virtaa, is like the calming flow of spring water descending from the mountains; it is a cooling relief, a sounding comfort, and a hope that quenches your thirst for life, drunk from your palms.

Thursday June 13 – tickets 10 €

10:00 PM Tytti Metsä and Hiipparit
11:00 PM The Shubie Brothers

The evening opens with the trio of Tytti Metsä, one of Finland’s top jouhikko players, performing Metsä’s compositions and lyrics, which are sometimes hypnotic, sometimes humorous, and their own arrangements of folk music tunes.

The Shubie Brothers, the crown jewel of the new wave of Finnish surf rock, combine melodic surf instrumentals with reggae, afro, Latin, and funk rhythms. In the concert, the Shubie Brothers will perform their new album It Takes A Village in its entirety, accompanied by a visual trip created by Janne Haavisto.

Friday June 14 – tickets 5 €

10:00 PM DJ Arttu Seppänen: Jytää ja iskelmää
1:00 AM Veijo Peso

Jytää ja iskelmää is the hottest Finnish disco club in the country! DJ and journalist Arttu Seppänen, who specialises in Finnish pop music, presents rare Finnish schlager vinyls he has collected from around Finland, as well as well-known evergreens. You won’t experience an evening like this anywhere else!

Veijo Peso is a one-person band by T.V.O. Vänttinen of the band Cleaning Women, creating music from slightly skewed starting points using mainly junk percussion, electric bass, looper pedal, and vocals. The music combines elements of post-punk, electro, alternative rock, industrial music, and drone music.

Saturday 15th June – tickets 10 €

12:30 AM Oona and Laura Airola
1:00 AM Saturday Dance

The evening begins with Oona and Laura Airola, whose music plays from Ykspihlaja straight to the heart. The Saturday Dance will feature traditional dance music – tango, waltz, humppa, jenka, and fox! The music will be provided by Tytti Metsä, Olavi Uusivirta, Janne Masalin, Hanna Yli-Tepsa, Janne Haavisto, Tom Nyman, Mauri Sumén, Jussi Jaakonaho, and Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa.